Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Re-wrap for the Holidays

by Lani Lee

Image courtesy of Loopto

Somewhere between the hours of being a mother and intervals of unexpected calm, I manage to indulge in an old love: making crafty things. Whether in the form of yarn, fabric or paper, I love to knit, crochet, sew, create homemade cards, and more. Long before I spent sleepless nights caring for a baby, I used to have all nighters furiously binding off that last-minute scarf or hat gift.

This year, with limited time, I decided that all I could manage was making my own "wrapping paper." Inspired by my upbringing with a Japanese mother and an affinity for all things zakka-like, I chose to make furoshiki to use in lieu of wrapping paper.

Handmade furoshiki using traditional Japanese printing techniques
Image courtesy of thelinkcollective

Furoshiki is simply a square piece of cloth that is used (and re-used) as a wrapping, lunch bag, or carrying sack. Traditional furoshiki often was made of silk with shibori or designs similar to those used on kimono garments. The furoshiki featured above is created with a modern design twist using complex, artistic techniques, but for D-I-Y or home purposes, the least you have to do is cut a square piece of fabric and sew the edges.

Image courtesy of thelinkcollective

Here is a great tutorial of some different ways to use furoshiki. You also have to check out this jazzy video tutorial here!

For those of you who don't sew or can't get your hands on a furoshiki, you can embrace the Green Grocery Bag Challenge. You can read more about going green for the holidays here.

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