Monday, December 27, 2010

How Important Is Breastfeeding, Really?

PART 2:  What do moms say?
(comments from moms of the La Leche League of Central Oahu group)

Breastfeeding is Practical:
  • No hassle or worry about preparation of formula, nothing to sterilize, heat up, clean up
  • Breastfeeding is available anytime, anyplace
  • Breastfeeding is instant gratification for baby
  • Often delays the return of your period
  • No worry about baby getting good nutrition
  • Economical (it’s free!)
  • Helps with losing pregnancy weight

Breastfeeding Deepens Attachment:
  • Helps at birth to bond and overcome the newness for baby and mother
  • Hormones released during breastfeeding makes you feel good
  • Helps you reconnect with your baby during tough times
  • Love how baby looks into your eyes during nursing
  • Skin to skin contact enhances bond
  • Helps baby feel better when they are tired, hungry or hurt
  • Nice knowing there’s always something to do to help your baby, a “quick fix”

Breastfeeding Helps You Know How To Be a Mother:
  • Gives confidence in mothering abilities
  • You’re more in tune with your baby so you can pick up on their cues sooner
  • Perseverance through difficulties shows your strength and helps you confront challenges
  • Opportunities for mother-to-mother bonding
  • More reliance on your maternal instincts, takes outside pressure off and reassure you that you’re doing a good job 

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