Thursday, December 30, 2010

Healthy Pregnancy Lectures in 2011

Looking for free pregnancy education?

Finally! A fresh, dynamic, interesting pregnancy class series that won't leave you snoozing! Baby Awearness has teamed up with the best and the brightest of Oahu's natural birth community to educate as well as entertain. Our Healthy Pregnancy Lectures are FREE and open to the public! All classes are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month (except in January) and located at our store in the Manoa Marketplace, 2nd floor.

We hope you will join us. Reminders will go out for every month but feel free to rsvp anytime. Or you can also just show up!

Coming up on . .

January 19th - Fertility and Nutrition: Nourishing the Miracle of Conception
Whether you are planning your first pregnancy or growing your family, healthy living before and during pregnancy is beneficial for all moms and babies-to-be. Supported by scientific research, nutritionist Stephanie Jurgenson will discuss the link between what you eat and your fertility and offer suggested nutrition and lifestyle steps to boost your fertility.

February 2nd - Pregnancy Nutrition
Nutritionist (and new mom) Kate Greenwell will offer great tips and insight into maintaining an expecting mother's healthy eating habits while optimizing health for her growing baby as well.

March 2nd - Fearless Birth
Natural birth advocate and Lamaze instructor Piper Lovemore will lead a discussion on having a fear-less birth. Many women (and men) often feel some degree of trepidation when confronted with even the idea of labor and delivery. This presentation is a great forum to explore those fears and learn how to replace them with positive affirmations and facts.

April 6th - Home Safety - CANCELLED
Local naturopathic doctor, Dr. Veronica Ford will present tips and advice on how home safety after baby arrives. Beyond the typical childproofing to-do's, she will also talk about how to create a non-toxic environment in the home.

May 4th - Post-partum Rejuvenation
Acupuncturist and doula Tara Mattes returns with this popular topic about post-partum care for new moms. This lecture offers great insight into the importance of helping mothers transition back to health and feel rejuvenated during those first weeks after birth.

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