Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its hard to say goodbye

Its hard to say good bye. Its hard to make big changes...but it seems that Baby Awearness has to do both in 2011. After much thought, Hot Mama and Baby Awearness have decided to say goodbye as partners and roomies in Manoa. Now under new ownership, Hot Mama Maternity will re-open in Pearl City in the summer of 2011. As Baby A's closest fans and families, I thought I would use this opportunity and this forum to reflect on the past year and what I have learned.

Joining up with Hot Mama was not a choice - I think Mel and I both agree, it was fate. A chance meeting with Mel in Hot Mama's old Waialae location quickly turned into an amazing partnership. Within 2 months of meeting, Hot Mama moved in to Manoa, and their creative and financial support allowed Baby A to grow tremendously. 

Together we developed the Hawaii's Next Hot Mama Contest, which we hope to hold again this Spring, and from that, the Hot Mama Network. Through these events, I realized just what an amazing community we have built through Baby A. Smart, talented, creative, driven women attend these events. Moms who give amazing advice. Honest advice. Women who speak truth. We've developed this incredible network of crafty, funky, fun mamas...and despite Hot Mama's departure, we will continue to support them through our classes, events and products.

Part of me is kind of scared to go off on our own - will we make it? Does natural and eco-friendly parenting have the interest and support that the continued operation of Baby A requires? I think we will and I think we do. The success of small businesses like baby awearness is not simply a result of our products and prices - although we try to be as competitive as possible. Our success is about the relationships we have cultivated - relationships with our customers, with other local businesses, and the amazing mama-prenuers here in Hawaii.

It was the suggestions of these woman that will drive Baby A's new direction. I'm exicted to share this new direction - details are coming within the week.

But for now, I pause to reflect - and give thanks.

Mel, Hot Mama's former owner,  is an incredible woman, and an asset to our community. I was/am honored to have the chance to work with her. To the new owners of Hot Mama Maternity - we wish you the best and we're here to help!

Bye Bye Hot Mama. We'll miss you.


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