Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Green Halloween

By Kate Stilwell

This year, why not put a spin on the old orange and black and go GREEN?  Treat your body and the environment well this Halloween season!

Let’s talk food (because that’s my favorite part). Halloween can wreak havoc on our teeth and our waistlines, not to mention what happens to our nerves after the kids ingest a bucket of sweets. This Halloween, make some treats at home and avoid the yuck in the bucket. 

Honey and Apples
This is a favorite treat of mine, the fall apples are delicious and honey provides the extra sweet that can satisfy that candy craving. For a creepy twist, add some red food coloring to the honey and create “blood” dipping sauce for your little vampires.

Carrots and Dip
Turn the carrots into “fingers” by sticking almond slices to the tops with extra dip and watch the delicious treats disappear. 

Pumpkin Seeds
Nothing more classic than this. Take the insides of your brand new jack-o-lantern, rinse and dry the seeds and then bake with salt at 350º!

Cheese Pieces
Take some cheese sticks (I prefer organic, the mozzarella always seems stronger to me) and cut little lines to make finger creases.  Add some green bell pepper pieces to the tops to make moldy fingernails.

Make some monster goo to dip chips in. Two ripe avocados, a tasty mango, half a red bell pepper, small handful of cilantro, ¼ of a small red onion, lime and salt to taste and you have a scary treat that’s sweet and salty.


No problem! Halloween happens every year, so why not spend some time to make decorations that you can re-use? Your wallet and the environment will love you for it!

Felt Bats in a Tree

    o    Black felt (number of pieces depends on how many you want and how big you want them)
    o    Fabric Marker
    o    Bat cutout shape
    o    Fabric Scissors
    o    Wire and wire cutters
    o    Multi-branched stick (with or without leaves, up to you)
    o    Hot Glue

Cut out the shape you want, trace it on the felt and use the fabric scissors to cut out the desired shape. Hot glue the wire to the felt and the wrap the wire around the branch so that the bat hovers above it in mid-flight. Add tons of bats for a creepier atmosphere.

    -the way you attach the wire will change the shape of the bat. Try gluing the wire flat along the bottom of the wings and bend the wings up and down for variations among your critters
    -if you don’t have a glue gun, sew two of the bats together and put the wire inside to achieve the same result
    -get a smaller stick and attach one bat that you can hold and dangle in front of people for a Halloween scare

Crepe Paper Pumpkins

    o    Orange and green crepe paper
    o    Stuffing (of your choosing)
    o    Glue (hot glue works best)

Cut or rip squares of the orange crepe paper place stuffing in the center and fold corners and sides up and into the middle. Place a dot of glue to hold it all together and add a torn piece of green crepe paper to the top as a leaf or stem (and the cover the glue). 

    -you can stuff the pumpkin with pumpkin seeds or some other small treat and make it a take home gift/treat
    -make sure before you put the dot of glue that the shape is relatively pumpkin-like, you can’t alter it after the glue has been applied without risking ripping the paper
    -crepe paper is not sturdy, handle it minimally
    -try multiple layers of tissue paper instead of crepe paper instead and make bigger pumpkins

Ghastly Ghosts
    o    An old white sheet
    o    Fabric scissors
    o    String
    o    Stuffing (old plastic bags work well)
    o    Black fabric marker

Use the fabric scissors to cut a square of white fabric (choose size according to how big you want your ghosts). Use the blade of the scissors to tatter the edges of the fabric and add some hole near the edges. Place the stuffing in the middle of the fabric, tie the string around the outside and cinch closed. Tie a knot and cut close to the knot to hide it. Use the fabric marker to draw a ghastly face.

    -Put a small hole in the top and tie a string through it so that you can hang your ghosts all over the house
    -Use more than one piece of fabric to give the ghost more flowy pieces on the bottom

General Ideas
    -When you go trick-or-treating, use a pillowcase or reusable bag instead of buying something plastic.
    -Substitute fruits for sweets, they satisfy the craving without the guilt and the craziness
    -Try composting your pumpkins after they’ve lost their creepy smiles
    -Share costumes with friends so you don’t have to buy new ones or make your own out of recycled and pre-worn clothing/found objects
    -And as always, go local/organic on all your yummies… your body and the earth will appreciate you

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See you all at our Boo! Bash on Saturday!

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