Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recycle Your Rags Into Diapers

Sway Davis is one haute mama.

Founder and mommy behind Naughty Nappies™, her "other burgeoning baby," Sway has taken cloth diapering up a notch. From her first diaper made from an old t-shirt, today Sway is sewing style into diapers for one and all.

When Sway started making her own cloth diapers for her firstborn, she and her husband didn't realize that they were on to something big. While Naughty Nappies™ does feature its own prints and patterns, Sway encourages her customers to bring in their own materials in the form of t-shirts, old clothes, and other sources of recycled fabrics for custom-made diapers.

For Sway, her business is not just about diapering. “I want to think about it as a sort of lifestyle, a way of helping the earth become a better, healthier place and take it back to where it used to be, where the land is not filled with plastics and water is not contaminated because of the toxic waste we are producing... Diapers don’t need to be the dreaded necessity for every family. It’s about having fun and expressing yourself while paving the road for future generations. I want my baby to be as fashionable as I am. I want to look at babies and say: ‘Wow, that’s some awesome SH*! (no pun intended).’”

Needless to say, Baby Awearness is just as excited and happy to have a mom like Sway in our local cloth diapering circle. If you are interested in having custom cloth diapers made, contact Sway and she will be happy to work with you.

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