Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 3/50 Project and Baby A's 3/50 Spotlight

3/50 is a project that encourages consumers in the U.S. to shop locally and help their homegrown communities to thrive economically. Every month, simply pick three local businesses and commit to spending at least $50 at those places. It can be a total of $50 in the month, or you can choose to spend $50 at each of the three places -- it's up to you and what your budget can afford. But by committing a mere fifty dollars towards a locally-owned business, the compounding result is that we can make a huge difference in sustaining our local economies.

Baby Awearness recently joined its phenomenal list of local, small businesses that are braving the storms of recession and everything else frightening money-wise to ensure that capitalism is alive and well in all forms. After all, freedom of commerce would not be possible if our landscape was covered only with gigantic corporate conglomerates and hegemonic big-box stores.

The beauty of local and/or small businesses is the diversity, originality, and uniqueness of their character. They are spaces where you can purchase ethically manufactured items or discover beautiful handmade goods. The money you spend also supports local artisans, stay-at-home momtreprenurs, and many other professionals who live and work in your neighborhoods.

As a local business owned and operated by women and mothers, Baby Awearness, too, strives to rise above the generic and mundane to bring its customers personal service and wonderful products, all with eco-friendly style. We are more than a retail space. Owners Ashley and Nicky always work hard to make Baby A a special haven where parents and children alike can find support, answers, and insight into being healthy families.

Right in the heart of Manoa, there are tons of great local businesses. In the spirit of 3/50, we will spotlight our favorites every month, starting with Red Ginger Cafe and Gift Shop, of which this posting is perfectly timed with 3/50's Eat Down the Street initiative.

Red Ginger is literally our neighbor next door. They are located on the second level of Manoa Marketplace and like Baby A, rides on the vibe that sustainability and being green, is the way to be, live, and of course, eat!

Their sandwiches and salads are always fresh, served in generous portions, and filled with organic ingredients. The staff is friendly and you feel like part of the ohana whenever you walk in there.

Baby A staff is often found there grabbing lunch or a smoothie to go -- Mele's favorite is the Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey toast while store manager Julliet loves the Cucumber Sloshie made with organic cucumbers, lemon sherbert and organic soymilk. Lani and Holli often order the Red Ginger Pick-Me-Upper as an alternative meal/caffeine fix. It's a delectable concoction that balances Kau coffee, frozen hot chocolate, organic peanut butter, island bananas, and organic soymilk into a perfect smoothie!

Whenever you need to stop into Baby A, don't forget to also grab a bite or sip of something organic and delicious at Red Ginger. (LL)

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