Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mmmm...menu for the Back-to-School Cooking Class

Macrobiotic Hawaii's Lunch Box Cooking Class promises great meals to lure your little ones back to school.

Depending on the children’s ages requested by parents, Chef Leslie will cover combinations of the following:

    •    Brown Rice Sushi and/or Rice Balls for kids
    •    Fried Seitan Musubi
    •    Noodles
    •    Tempeh Tuna filling for sandwiches
    •    Fruit Salad and/or Mixed Berry Fruit Kanten and/or Fresh Fruit Smoothies with Amazake
    •    Brown Rice Crispy Treats (no refined sugar added)
The menu could change, depending on the age of the participants’ children, therefore please indicate the age of your kids when you sign up.

Also, the store will be stocking up on its Laptop Lunch Box containers and bento-ware!

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