Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lets Talk Toys with Julliet Lowe

Just how important is play in early childhood?
Joseph Pearce, "Child Play" 1993 has said, "All children want to do is learn which they try to do through their greatest learning tool, play."
Today, our keiki have so many toys to play with but they can do less and less with these toys. Also, too many toys can overwhelming and you might find that your little one may play with none of them. So how do we find a balance?
I'm a parent, who like you, wishes to provide our children with beautiful, natural, high quality toys. You know, The kind that still has magic in them. The kind where children need to work hard to find that magic and bring it out during play time. A good example would be a play silk: It might act as an ocean one day and turn into a cape fit for a king the next.

Baby aWEARness recognizes this need and believes that even though hand crafted toys cost alittle more, your child will benefit, blissfully unaware of its educational and growth development value. We would like to feature our Evi dolls made in Brazil this week.
Evi dolls, a simple doll, soft, warm, and made from natural fibers, provide an image of a human being for your child.
I've watched my own children adopt their dolls into their lives, giving them names and providing unconditional love towards them. I've observed the way they play act their own experiences with their dolls and was glad to see this healthy exchange.
Stay tuned for our next Let's talk Toys! blog. I would love to hear about your experiences as well.
warmest Blessings to you and yours,

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