Friday, January 29, 2010

Five fun ways to Step Lightly but Live Fully on the Earth

Spend time with your little ones outdoors
While high-tech, high-touch is the twenty-first century way, consider spending at least one time out of the week interacting wuth your child through outdoor play. Go to a park, hang out at the beach, take a hike, or recreate at the zoo. Being around nature is not only healthy but an important way to nurture an appreciation for the environment. Spending time outdoors can help teach our little citizens about the natural world and inspire them to grow into greater stewards of the planet.

Enjoy handmade gifts
Next time you need a gift for someone, try making something! If you rather purchase a gift, consider buying an item that is handmade. Handmade things are unique, special, and usually created by local artisans; the money you spend will go further in stimulating your local economy as well as probably having a smaller carbon footprint.

Sharing with others
Since children often outgrow so many of their things from clothes to toys, consider swapping with friends and family. Make a party of it! Or from time to time, when appropriate, consider buying second-hand or consignment items over new. These are all the little ways that add up to reducing, reusing, and recycling things out of potential landfills.

BYOBC means "Bring your own beverage cup"
A personal canteen is the hottest new accessory next to belts, bangles, and reusable bags (see fun tip #5 below). These days, when you offer your own cup at your favorite cafe, most will reward you with a small discount. Studies and research are revealing more and more that reducing or eliminating the consumption of plastic containers is definitely a healthier, less wasteful, and even more economical way to go.

Use your own shopping bags
Whether for groceries or other kinds of shopping, the more you use your own bag the better. Like plastic bottles, plastic bags are one of the most notorious genre of trash. These days, reusable bags come in great colors and patterns that are light and easy to tote around. (LL)

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