Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mom & Baby Clothing Swap!

The next Hot Mama Networking Event is coming up on September 30th at 6:30 p.m.!

Here are our simple 1-2-3's of swapping with style and ease:

1) LET IT GO!!!
Clean out your closet of  gently used/brand new clothes, bags and accessories that you don't fit and haven't worn in the past 6 months.  Once you have completed your closet move on to your little ones closet and do the same thing. Remember, what you think is your trash is sure to be someone else's  treasure!  Assist us in making this process easier by separating and  labeling your clothing by size. (you can separate it in different bags, or by putting a piece of masking tape on the item with the size. This will make our job a LOT easier!

2) DROP IT!!!
Drop all of your labeled and separated clean clothes, bags, and accessories to Baby Awearness/Hot Mama during normal business hours September 20-26, 2010. Your items will be added to the mix and you'll receive a "pass" for attending the swap free of charge.

3) SWAP IT!!!
On September 30th, get ready to swap with your fellow hot mamas!  For anyone who wants to attend the swap but doesn't have items to swap, you can  still attend. We are asking you to make a $10 donation in exchange for a bag you can fill with whatever you want.  All the proceeds from the event and the left over items will go to The Mary Jane House.  For everyone else, the amount of items you take are based on an honor system, so you  get to take home the same amount of items you brought.  We greatly encourage everyone to BYOB. Bring your own reusable tote bag(s) to take home your new wardrobe.

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