Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sage Mamas Making A Difference

Daniela Kittinger of the Farm to Highchair Project 

fresh pureed foods for baby

Debuting a new healthy baby food business in our community is Daniela Kittinger, mom and muse behind the Farm to Highchair Project. The Farm to Highchair Project is a unique and wonderful endeavor to bring fresh, healthy -- and oftentimes organic -- meals for little ones made with tenderness, care, and lots of flavor. Many of you may recognize Daniela as she is a familiar face at Baby aWEARness, helping out at our events and classes.

We are excited to highlight her efforts and ingenuity to pull together this noble project.

Daniela shares about her inspiration behind the project:
I truly believe that food is at the core of community health. Like most people, I enjoy modern conveniences, but I’ve noticed that many come at the expense of healthy lifestyles and a healthy community. The obesity epidemic, environmental degradation, and entire communities left voiceless and disenfranchised—could these all be somehow connected? Food is not only what links us all together, I also believe it is at the root of many of our society’s woes.

The idea for Farm to Highchair was born when I began feeding my baby solids. I knew that with my love for and commitment to all things food, that I could not feed him over-processed, store-bought substitutes. Not when Hawai’i farmers have so much fresh, locally-grown produce to offer year-round!

That being said, I do live in the real world. I understand that—even with the best of intentions—today’s busy moms simply don’t have the time or energy to make baby food from scratch every day. So I’ve decided to give back. The Farm to Highchair Project aspires to provide healthy, freshly prepared and conveniently available baby food, from Hawai’i farmers. Everyone deserves the opportunity to give their keiki the healthiest possible start!

For more information, check out her website here, or pick up a flyer at the store next time you're in. Currently, the project is seeking testers to help with product development.

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