Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sage Mamas Making A Difference

Sway Davis of Naughty Nappies™

As we gear up for our anniversary celebration on 8/28, we want to build the excitement with some sneak peeks along the way.

We will be having a fabulous sidewalk sale during our anniversary event. Six local vendors -- all talented, unique crafters -- will be selling their lovely handmade wares (seemingly a rarity these days). Be sure to stop by to see their creations, everything from toys to jewelry to hand-painted organic tees.

One of our favorite mamas participating at the sidewalk sale is Sway of Naughty Nappies™.

Self-described as "ecologically fashionable, cloth diapers made with love," Naught Nappies™ is quickly building a following of moms. If you're looking for some cool, hip, one-of-a-kind original diapers with the couture touch, then Sway is the one to seek.

Recently, Sway was kind enough to take a moment from her sewing to chat with us about her life as a cloth-diapering mom who also happens to make cloth diapers for a living:

BA: Please share how Naughty Nappies was born.

NN: We started cloth diapering our baby when he was about 2 or 3 weeks old. We used Dolphin Diaper Service for about 2 months and decided we were going to slowly start building our own stash because we realized it was really easy to wash the diapers ourselves. However, after a while we wanted something other than green and navy.

Babies are in diapers most of the time. Because of the warm weather here in Hawaii, our son always runs around with just a t-shirt and a diaper, and I thought, why not make them fun and fashionable? It was actually my husband who really pushed me to make our first homemade diaper. The first few were made out of old t-shirts. It was exciting and fun for us to see our little man run around with a Transformer diaper on his bum. I kept on with the diaper making and thought it would be cool to have these available for other moms as well as a way to bring in a little extra income.

BA: How do you balance your business, crafting, and mommy life?

NN: I don't! (LOL)Although important, finding a balance in life right now is still a tough thing to do... Our son is now 13 months old and we don't call him Danger Baby for nothing. My husband works long hours so our baby is mostly with me. He requires constant attention when he's up and about so I usually work only when he's napping, after everyone's gone to bed or before he wakes up in the morning. I've never been a morning person, but I found myself liking getting up early, sip on some coffee and sew, it's peaceful.

BA: What inspires you to create, in work or in life?

NN: It just kind of come to me; "stuff" would just pop up in my mind. I've always been interested in fashion and have always wanted to design and make garments. I guess this is a starting point for me, and a lot of times I think of my diapers as "clothes" when I design them. NaughtyNappies Couture line is one example.

I love going to fabric and crafting stores! I'll walk around and look at something and think: "What can I do with this?" "How about that?"

I'm still trying to make that "perfect" diaper, one that's more then just putting fabric pieces together, one that's going to really "wow" but you can throw it in the wash everyday instead of requiring tender care due to delicate materials.

BA: Your diapers are so cool and hip -- people must stop you in the streets and ask you where you bought them, right? What do they say when you tell them that you made them?
NN: Thanks for thinking that =). Well, the few that do think it's really awesome, once in a while you get people asking if I make adult sizes... LOL

BA: Anything new from you we can look forward to at the sidewalk sale on August 28th?

NN: Aside from regular pocket diapers, I will have a very limited numbers of NaughtyNappies Couture available. I will have some organic fitteds as well as will debut our Danger Baby products, which will be mommy and baby-related items, such as organic breast pads and shoulder straps for bags and strollers.

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