Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Na Pualani Preschool

Na Pualani Preschool, located in Kailua, offers the full Waldorf curriculum for the young child, ages 2 and half through 5 years of age; in a child friendly, home environment; featuring toys made from natural materials and a wonderful shaded play yard and organic food.

Na Pualani Preschool is currently enrolling for the fall semester, which begins August 24.  

The preschool is also offering a new part-time and full-time schedule that includes the usual 3-day program PLUS a 5-day program and a 2-day program. Auntie Pualani also has hired on a new teacher, Ashley Bodley, a certified Waldorf teacher (read below for her bio).
Our new schedule will begin August 24th
Days in August will be at the rate of $45.00 per day.
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Tuition rates are listed below:
2-day program               $350.00 a month
3-day program               $525.00 a month, discounted tuition for fall semester: $500 per month
5-day program               $825.00 a month, discounted tuition for fall semester: $795 per month

For families presently enrolled in the school and new students who join Na Pualani Preschool in August, at the beginning of fall semester, a discount on tuition for the fall semester will apply. Your tuition for the fall semester, which is August, September, October, November and December will be at the discounted rate above.

Want to save more money? You will get $100 off one month's tuition if you bring a family into the school at the beginning of fall semester!

Here is a note from our new teacher, Ashley Bodley. Welcome Ashley!

I am so happy to introduce myself to the community that Auntie Pualani has worked so hard to create! My name is Ashley Bodley and I moved to Hawaii just a year ago from beautiful Anchorage Alaska. I worked in Anchorage at the Aurora Waldorf school in the kindergarten.  I  have years of experience as a nanny and also  had a Waldorf inspired preschool in my home at one point.  I attended the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California to complete my Waldorf early childhood teacher training. This summer it has been my pleasure to be the summer camp director at the Waldorf School in Anchorage and I look forward to returning to Hawaii to work and play with your children and Auntie Pualani.

We have spaces available, so let's fill the school with happy families and children!

To enroll, please contact Auntie Pualani; auntiepualani@gmail.com or 262-3253

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