Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lets Talk Toys with Julliet Lowe

Welcome to the land of "make believe." This is a wonderful age (between 2 to 5 years old) where children love to pretend. We had a mom walk into the store a while ago with her son dressed up like a fireman. He truly was a fireman in that costume.Those of us with daughters know all about the "princess" world and it never fails to amaze me how kids can imitate with instant accuracy.This type of creative play involves both growth and development and changes daily.

Baby aWEARness provides toys that stimulates this stage of play. Your little aspiring chef will have loads of fun preparing a healthy stir fry one day and prepare a yummy sushi meal the next. Everyday can be your birthday with our Melissa and Doug cake set.

We have building blocks that "becomes" scenes for villages.. or where your little ones imagination can turn them into boats or telephones.

Firetrucks, Dump trucks, Excavators, Trains, all provide hours of fun! These vehicles made out of natural beechwood with rubber tires have knobs to move for steering which makes it's function all the more cool!

Until the next, Let's Talk Toys..Happy Play time!

-Julliet Lowe

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