Thursday, February 24, 2011

Healthy Pregnancy Lecture!

Fearless Birth by Piper Lovemore **FREE**
Wednesday, March 2nd
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

As any pregnant women with a burgeoning belly can attest, there are a preponderance of frightening birth stories out there, and little apparent reluctance in sharing them. Yet birth itself is perhaps the one unequivocal commonality we all share; everyone on earth today was born. It is a completely normal physiological process with generations of proof of efficacy and yet many, if not most couples in our culture today approach their births with some degree of fear.  

So why the big freak out?

The single greatest factor in evaluating a successful birth experience is perception. A highly significant and momentous experience for all involved, it is also completely subjective. Whether it evokes a few minor concerns or conjures major anxiety, fear is a common companion in many births today. The root is, invariably, concern surrounding perceived pain and injury. And yet, the irony is that for most women, fear and pain have a self-fulfilling relationship to one another in birth. It’s the fear that creates the pain, and the ensuing pain that, in turn, validates the fear. So how to break this cycle?
Please join us as we explore this question!
We will:
  • explore the common roots of fear
  • identify the purpose of fear in the birth space
  • explore the gifts fear has to offer
  • Learn how to reframe our thinking 
  • Learn how to experience birth beyond fear
  • and ultimately gain the tools to clear its negative influence on the birth experience.
Come and learn ways to confront your fears  and pave the way for an empowered, in tune birth experience!
Piper Lovemore is a local doula, lamaze instructor, and natural birth advocate. She teaches classes and leads the doula tea events at Baby Awearness. Piper Lovemore is a woman with purpose. She is a passionate birth activist, an insightful educator and an empathic support person. 
Her core belief is that an informed experience is empowering, no matter the particular outcome. To that end, her goal is to educate and support families through their birth experience primarily through reconnecting them with their own embodied wisdom.

She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Her courses cover fundamental information about pregnancy and birth, but also include interactive excersizes catering to a variety of learning styles, and her newest series features an innovative break-out module just for men.

She also has the priviledge of serving her community as a doula and feels honored to share such an intimate experience with her clients. She has added Placenta Encapsulation to her repertoire of services, to more comprehensively support our birthing community.

Piper believes deeply in the importance of community and the richness of a diverse support network. She strives to nurture her community by organizing and attending activities with her family in her free time.

She and her partner, Chaz, have three children: Che’ Pax, Plum and Rocket, and they look forward to expanding their family further. 

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