Friday, February 4, 2011

Empty Nest Adventures

(written by Anna L.)

Ashley greeted me with a "Anna, we have a problem." She was a bit disheveled, the door was open and there were boxes from our storage room scattered about. "The baby birds have escaped!"

Uh oh! 

Perfect place for a nest
Now, as a back story, about a month or so ago we heard some little chirping sounds and realized that a mama bird had chosen a vent on the outside of our store to have her babies. Baby A loves mother nature and babies, so it's only fitting, I suppose, that a mama bird pick us out of all of the other stores to entrust the safety of her little ones. Good thing too! I don't imagine too many other places would have went through the ordeal we did over a nest of birds and kept them around.

So Ashley fills me in, she's moved things out of the way because the birds have moved whatever was stopping them from coming inside and have infiltrated our store room like naughty teenagers playing hookie.  I ask if they're in the flying stage or the hopping stage and she tells me that they're hopping. Phew. We're both pretty short so trying to capture a flying bird seems like a circus act to my mind. 

As we're talking she captures one and climbs up to deposit it in the nest. We rearrange some more and finally catch the next one but as she is replacing it another one evades her and drops behind the fridge. We play a game of hide and seek, using a broom to gently shoo the little one into my hands and get it safely home. It's so cute and tiny! I love animals and, as Ashley and I agreed, there are too many examples of humans taking over their habitats and displacing them, I'm glad these little ones are unharmed and back where they will be cared for by their mom.

Sealed up, we actually replaced this with cardboard as they tried to escape again.
We managed to get some pictures of our winged Ohana before we sealed their home from our side. Apparently these little ones are ready to have some adventures, I think they'll need to discuss that with their mom though because Auntie Ashley and Auntie Anna have decided that Baby A is not the place they are going to be having their fun. We love to hear them chirp and they're welcome to stay there, just... not causing commotion in our stockroom (after all, they could get hurt!).

Welcome to the Ohana Little Birdies!

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