Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let's Talk Toys with Julliet Lowe

The Educational Value Of  Natural Toys

We all strive to live on a healthy plane. We strive for sincerity and love. This in itself is a form of education. Education, for me, means to draw out what we already have within ourselves.

When our children take an interest in something, whether it be from a toy in front of them or a school subject, they will follow that interest with intense concentration. This is when true learning takes place. We as parents have the responsibility to help our children unfold under our protection and guidance. We watch them bloom into wonderful personalities.   Healthy children grow up to benefit themselves, their parents, and essentially, the entire world.

I use this as my goal when purchasing toys for Baby aWEARness. Here's a sneak peek as to what's coming soon..

Push Toys

Pull Toys

Music Toys

Food Play

Happy Playtime to you and yours,
Julliet Lowe

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