Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let's Talk Toys with Julliet Lowe

Looking for a simple, open-ended toy for the growing minds of your keiki? Come check out our PLAYSILKS!

What is a play silk? A play silk is a piece of silk fabric that's used in a variety of ways. Just the other day, I saw a mom take off a scarf that she was wearing around her neck and give it to her baby to play with so she could get some work done. Then, with the same cloth, she used it as a sling to carry her baby out of the store with. I was like, "Yes! this is what I'm talking about! Creative forces at work.

Play silks may be used as capes, skirts, pants, hats, veils, animal tails, and the very next day, the same silk may be used to make green grass for the animals, blue water to sail their boats on, rainbows in the sky, as a sling to wrap their dolls up in, to build forts, create puppet show curtains, perform magic tricks... are you getting the picture? Super cool right!

This ancient product out of China is a natural fiber and renewable resource. It shimmers and shines with lead-free color, feels good to touch, and is the exact opposite of itchy. Infinite possibilities of play.

Children may hand wash their silks with warm water, mild soap, and hang it out to dry. To restore it's beauty and shine, iron with steam on medium heat setting and you're good to go! This product is great for children 3+.

Play silks make awesome, unique gifts..gotta see it to believe it! Warmest Blessings to you and your Blossoming Babies!

Julliet Lowe

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