Thursday, May 27, 2010

GroVia Diapers Are Here!

Also known as an all-in-two diaper as well as a hybrid style, GroVia cloth diapers are convenient, efficient, and not to forget, oh-so-cute! Paired with organic cotton soaker pads (inserts), the covers feature very sturdy hook and loop velcro in a variety of bright colors and prints. Snap covers are available in vanilla only.

GroVia all-in-two diapers are like AIOs except that the cloth insert is removable by snap closures. Diaper changes are quick and easy since the same cover can be reused for multiple changes until it is soiled. For naps or overnight diapering, thin but absorbent organic boosters can be used without adding bulk.
GroVia is also formerly known as GroBaby, and all covers and soaker pads from the previous brand name are interchangeable with the updated, newly christened GroVia products.

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