Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nursing Bras, A Mom's Breast Friend!

Breastfeeding frees a mother from all the usual diaper bag paraphernalia -- bottles, cooler, water, formula powder-to-go -- but there is one key item that all nursing moms should have on herself: a good nursing bra.

Many new mothers may think a nursing bra is more of an accessory, but it really is a necessity. They provide comfort, support, and convenience while helping a mother to perform one of the most important maternal acts: feeding baby from her very own body. Nursing bras are designed with cups that open or lower at the front with snaps or hook-on straps. The best nursing bras allow moms to undo a cup quickly and easily with one hand.

Hot Mama Maternity store manager Anna suggests that pregnant moms come in sometime at the end of their eighth month or after week 36 to get an initial fitting. "A mother-to-be can increase up to two cup sizes and even gain an inch or two in their ribcage during pregnancy."

A proper fitting by a professional can avoid problems down the line as an ill-fitting bra, or the construction of a non-nursing bra, sometimes can lead to plugged ducts and/or mastitis (breast infection). The added pressure on lactating breasts by regular underwire bras can also lead to clogged ducts.

Buy one or two nursing bras to have on hand for those first weeks after baby's birth. Once a mother's milk is established and she becomes acclimated to her new breasts, getting more nursing bras, usually in that first postpartum month, is fine. Three to five bras should be enough to meet a full-time nursing mother's needs.

Once you have your nursing bras, don't forget to get cotton nursing pads to absorb leaking milk. Also look into a few good nursing tops that provide added discretion for when you feed your baby in public settings. For at-home comfort, breastfeeding moms can also wear nursing camisoles, tanks, nightgowns, and pajamas.

At Hot Mama Maternity, we offer a complete line of fashionable and high-quality nursing bras and wear that will make mothers feel comfortable, beautiful, and stress-free through their breastfeeding relationship with baby. (LL)

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