Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nova Natural Toys!

We are so excited to have Julliet Lowe from the Enchanted Forrest Store at Waldorf ordering our toys now! Check out some of the products we ordered this week:

A perennial favorite, this Rainbow Tunnel Set is one of our most versatile toys! Cut from a solid block of wood, all of its brightly colored arches fit perfectly into one another. With a little imagination, they become cozy caves for woodland gnomes and animals, bridges for block play, rocking boats for dolls, and even a telescoping caterpillar.

What child doesn't wish they could be a little taller? With our Walking Blocks, they don't have to wait until they are older. Stepping up onto them and grabbing the ropes, they are instantly 6" taller. The fun is then figuring out how to walk with them!

Make sure you stop by the store soon to see the new toys for yourself! All our love!

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