Friday, December 4, 2009

December at Baby aWEARness

Happy December everyone! This year is really flying by. We hope you all had blissful Thanksgivings!

Our final Vaccine Lecture of 2009 is THIS Sunday so please sign up ASAP if you are planning on attending. Space is limited.

We are also extending our store hours this month. We will be open Monday - Saturday, 10-6pm.

We look forward to seeing you in the store soon!

All our Love to your Blossoming Babies,
Ashley & Nicky

Super Baby Foods
Taught by: Ashley Lukens
December 6th, 3pm
Fee: $15

Baby FoodsIntroducing solids and transitioning your baby to a solid food diet can be a confusing and at times overwhelming experience. Super Baby Foods is a class designed by a mom for moms. This class will not only teach simple ways of preparing food for your growing baby, but ways to save money and time as well. Based on the best selling book, Super Baby Foods, the Feingold Diet, macrobiotics, and homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, this class also gives you the tools you need to select food that will promote baby's overall health and well-being.
Class fee includes information and recipes!

Vaccine Lecture
December 6th, 5:30pm

Its that time again!! Come join us for an evening with Dr. Madeleine Portuondo, local naturopath and midwife, who will be repeating the fabulous vaccine safety lecture for those of you who missed it the first couple of times. Dr. Portuondo is a wealth of knowledge and the 2 hour lecture covers everything from immunology basics to vaccine preservative components and more. It is truly a must-hear event for parents of young children. I was astonished at how little I knew on the topic.

Limited to 25 people so please RSVP to ashley@babyawearness if you would like to attend. Cost is $20 person/$35 couple and includes a very comprehensive packet of information.

As always, shopping after the event for attendees will include a 5%
storewide discount! Sunday, December 6th. 5:30pm.

Announcing: A New Diaper Package
Just in time for the holidays!

I've recently fallen back in love with my prefolds. This package is meant to give you enough pocket diapers to last a few days while also providing prefolds for your at-home convenience.

Infant Prefold/Pocket PLUS package -
$325 (12% savings)
12 Infant Prefolds (bleached or unbleached)
12 Pocket Diapers (Fuzzi Bunz, bumGenius, Mommy's Touch, or solid Happy Heinys*)
2 Snappis
2 Thirsties covers
1 Pail Liner
1 Wetbag
1 Charlies

If you are interested in learning more about our other diapering packages, please visit us in store!

ISR Water Safety Lecture
General Water Safety Practices for Adults and Children
Fee: Free!
Presented by: Jenni Matheson and Jens Trumpa of ISR Swim School
When: December 13th, 4:30pm

In a Water Safety Class Jenni Matheson and Jens Trumpa, Certified Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) Instructors, will provide helpful tips on safety in and around the water to ensure that a safe environment for children and their families is created.

Facts about drowning statistics indicate that water can be a serious hazard in a child's life. Yet even simple measures of safety can prevent tragedies. Learn and raise your awareness about aquatic safety practices. This class will touch on general water safety measures, specific beach safety tips, what to consider when swimming in the ocean and other bodies of water. If you have your own pool or not, it is important to be aware of pool safety and practices to ensure that everyone is safe. Pool parties are popular, but they are also the host of most water accidents that could be prevented.

Learn that keeping children safe in, on, and around the water involves several layers of protection that will lead to a life time of fun in the water. Safety with a smile.
Infant Swimming Resource (ISR): Providing informational talks, offering aquatic self-rescue™ swim lessons and raising the awareness of water safety helps ISR Swim School with their mission, which is to ensure that not one more child drowns.

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