Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mililani Bootcamp!

Hi Ladies,

For those of you who've attended Radical Homemakers or visited the store during events, Amy Forsyth is a wonderful personal trainer who I have worked with personally. She's not just in wicked good shape and super motivating, she thinks locally and sustainably, which you know I love. Since many of you live in Central Oahu, I wanted to give you the heads up on the new classes her company is putting on. Even better - I've asked Amy to give all my Baby A mamas a discount. Hope you'll consider attending.


Outdoor workout programs are no longer for townies only. Honolulu Personal Trainer has brought lady boot camp to Mililani! Each four week session of this women-only program combines strength training, cardio, balance, core work, flexibility exercises, and plyometrcis to deliver dramatic fat loss, energy gains, and chronic pain reduction. All ages and physical abilities are welcome; exercises can be ramped up or down so that classes can accommodate everyone from the marathoner to the new exerciser. Class will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30am to 9:30am in Mililani. There are also morning class options available in Manoa Valley and Aina Haina. Please contact Amy Forsyth at or 808-783-2558 for more information or check out the summer schedules at

Mention Baby Awearness to receive $10 the retail price of $180 for 12 classes. Prorated options are available for sessions already in progress.

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