Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Radical Homemakers Reading Group

I am so looking forward to starting our Radical Homemaking Reading Group on January 20th, at 7pm! If you are curious what I mean by Radical Homemaking, please check out this short story in the weekly.

Radical Homemaking is, at its core, about building sustainable, healthy communities through family. This reading group will be an opportunity for us to discuss the necessary conditions of possibility for us all to be our own version of a radical homemaker.

Prior to our first meeting, please pick up a copy of Radical Homemaking at the store, and read the preface and intro. These short and easy to read chapters lay out the organization of the book and will give all of us an idea of what we're in for. 

At our first meeting, we will set the schedule for future meetings and draft a short list of relevant books that we can read after Radical Homemaking. Finally, because skill-sharing and community building are the foundations for all radical homemaking, we will also come up with a list of workshops we are interested in having in conjunction with our reading group meetings.

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