Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Classes and Events at Baby aWEARness

Happy October Everyone!!

Time flies. I can't believe we are already approaching Halloween!

Next week is going to be an awesome week at Baby aWEARness. We are FINALLY going to get our Mom & Baby Yoga class going, something I know so many of you have been looking forward to. We are also starting our 4 week Keiki Seminar Series with Pualani Ramos, having another Vaccine Lecture, and gearing up for Keiki Sign Language on Tuesday October 20th.

Also in the works - the Baby aWEARness Cafe! I haven't forgetten about all you moms interested in having a yummy place to go with your kids midday. We have had some wonderful chefs and moms come in and we're getting all the details figured out. Stay Tuned!

We look forward to seeing you in store.

Ashley and Nicky

Mom & Baby Yoga
Mom & Baby
With Liz Bowen
Saturdays, 9am
**Begins October 17th

Keiki Seminars
Keiki Seminars With Pulani Ramos
Fridays, 6:00pm (October 16th-November 6th)

Keiki Seminars are for parents of young children and early childhood educators.
Learn the crafts, songs, rhymes, and techniques of the Waldorf early childhood curriculum. Auntie Pualani of Na Pualani Preschool will share with you the Waldorf curriculum for the preschool - kindergarten. A series of 4, hands on, informative workshops are designed to give parents insight and techniques to enhance the parenting experience and give early childhood educators new ideas and inspiration for their classrooms. Each class is 2 and half hours long.

Session 1: Child Development, and Child Behavior,
Session 2: Songs, Rhymes, Games and Imaginative Play,
Session 3: Arts & Crafts and Baking,
Session 4: Stories and Literature that Support Language Acquisition and the Imagination.

Learn how to get your child to comply without a struggle; learn how to choose a good toy; learn fun and easy games to play with your child; learn how to choose the right book to enhance your child's language skills; learn how to make finger puppets from felt, how to make homemade bread and so much more.

Keiki Sign Language - Beginner Play Class
Baby sign With Lisa Krietzer
Tuesdays, 9am (October 20th - December 15th)

Beginner Play Classes start October 20th! They provide a playful environment where caregivers and their hearing children learn ASL signs and research-proven Signing Smart strategies - such as how to bring signs into your child's world and how to recognize your child's early signs - while making signing simple, fun, and successful! Classes aret $150 for the 8 wk session and include the handbook and two DVDs.

About the Instructor
Lisa Kreitzer is originally from Oahu and received her Master's degree in Education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Lisa spent several years working in public school systems, both on Oahu and in Oregon, as an elementary school counselor. She has been involved with the Signing Smart™ program since 2003 both as a participant and instructor. Lisa received her mentoring for the Signing Smart™ Play Classes from Dr. Reyna Lindert, co-founder of the Signing Smart™ program. She has seen first hand, with her own children, what an amazing tool signing with hearing infants and toddlers can be. Teaching families how to incorporate signing into their everyday lives has been a wonderful experience!


Breastfeeding Support Groups
breastfeeding Sign

Led By: Naoko "Nicky" Lawnsby, Dr. Sylvia Pager, Kristin Speltz, and others
Fee: Free
When: Every 1st Monday of the Month @ 10:15am
Every 3rd Saturday of the month @ 10am

Have questions about breastfeeding? Want to share your questions and experiences with other breastfeeding moms? This class, led by an IBCLC certified lactation consultant, can provide you with the support you need to continue breastfeeding.

Call 988-0010 or email for more information

Creative Crafts for Kids
October 19th, 10:30am

Has the economic recession taken a bite out of your kids' entertainment budget? Let a former elementary teacher show you how make the most out of what you already have on hand. Learn how to make play-doh and finger paint with common ingredients found in most kitchens. Discover a new use for old, broken crayons, and be prepared to take those cardboard boxes out of the recycling bin. Cost: $15
if you'd like to attend!

Bucket Gardens!

Bucket Gardens is a recycling project that uses 5 gallon buckets, recycled from the food industry and recycled paint from paint suppliers to create individual "Bucket Gardens". Children paint a bucket and have their very own personalized garden to plant. Na Pualani Learning Ohana provides paint, brushes, the buckets cleaned and ready to paint and all other supplies and expertise. It's a great activity for parents and children to enjoy and it's a green project that turns a used bucket into a garden.

Bucket Gardens is a great learning activity for a variety of venues including businesses and parties and proceeds from these activities go towards supporting the Bucket Gardens in the Schools Project. Bucket Garden Workshops have been held at the Haleiwa Farmer's Market, Whole Foods Market, Kokua Market and Baby AWAREness.

For more information please visit our website:
Or call: 262-3253

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